Installing Alchemist

Alchemist can be downloaded at for Windows (.exe), Mac OS X (.dmg), and Linux (.appimage) and can be run directly.

The current version of Alchemist is 2023.0.1.

Connecting to a robot

On first start, Alchemist will not have a default IP address set to connect to.

To connect to a robot’s CANLink server,

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab in Alchemist

  2. Enter either the appropriate team number or hostname under Enter IP Address or Team Number (such as 9999 or roboRIO-9999-FRC.local)

  3. Click Connect to CANBus!

The UI should display Connected! on success.

For more details, see Connecting to a robot.



  • UI Overhaul: Segmented devices into their own pages and cleaned up layout

  • General stability and connection quality improvements

  • Added helpful tips if Alchemist fails to connect

  • Moved storage of downloaded/cached firmware to user AppData directory

  • Improved CAN ID conflict detection


Initial release.