CAN ID Setup

Alchemist is used to configure CAN device IDs for Redux devices and solve device ID conflicts.

That said, it is best practice to avoid using device id 0 as that is what all CAN devices ship with as the default.

Configuring CAN Device IDs

First, identify which device you want to set the CAN ID of. This is easily accomplished by using the “Blink LEDs” button, which will flash the LED of the Redux device different colors. Once the device has been identified, press the “Edit Settings” button to start editing the settings of the device.

Diagram showing the "Blink LEDs" and "Edit Settings" buttons

At this point, you can type the new CAN ID into the CAN ID field, then press “save” to update the CAN ID

Diagram showing the "Blink LEDs" and "Edit Settings" buttons

Managing CAN Device ID conflicts

All Redux devices come with CAN ID conflict detection.

When two or more devices of the same type detect that they are in an ID conflict, they will go into an inactive CAN ID conflict mode where the device indicator LED will continuously flash blue while also telling Alchemist there is a conflict.

To resolve the ID conflict, use Alchemist to locate an individual device (using the “Blink LED” feature), change that device’s CAN device ID, and repeat this process until there are no conflicting IDs left. The changed device will no longer blink blue when conflicts are solved.

If there is a conflict and Alchemist cannot detect all conflicting devices, try power-cycling the affected devices (or the whole robot).