Getting Started

The Redux Canandcolor is a versatile solution for measuring the proximity and color of a sensed object. The sensor integrates a IR proximity sensor and RGBW color sensor, as well as a bright on-board LED for low light conditions. The Canandcolor also contains two incredibly flexible digital ports, which can output everything from PWM signals representing the proximity or hue of the detected object, to team-customizable digital logic controllers built entirely into the sensor.


  • Low profile and compact design

  • Large solder pads for easy power, CAN connections, and digital connections

  • Wide input voltage range (4.2v ~ 16v)

  • On-board bright LED for low light conditions

  • Low CAN bus utilization by default (~1%)

Factory Default

Holding the button for fifteen seconds will factory-reset all settings on the Canandcolor. This will not change the CAN ID.


The encoder accepts 4.2-16v via its power input pads. Alternatively, the device can be powered via a regulated 5v power supply on the USB-C port, but this is not recommended.


The Canandcolor can be configured from the Alchemist Configuration Tool


CAN usage and configuring the device requires ReduxLib to be installed.

ReduxLib Canandcolor Java API reference

ReduxLib Canandcolor C++ API reference